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Gen2Works Software Bundle

Software / Genesis

The Gen2Works package contains a comprehensive software suite for all Innotech Direct Digital Controls (DDCs). It incorporates the Programming and service Monitoring tools; and the simple Supervisor end-user interface software.

This package is perfect for clients with in-house capabilities who wish to program, service and maintain their own systems, but still have non-technical personnel who are required to make everyday changes.

See also: Gen2Works Plus

The Gen2Works Software Bundle consists of :

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  • 39 function block types, ranging from a simple OR gate to a more complex Scheduler or PID function
  • Free text available to clarify parts of your configuration
  • Auto-routing of line connections
  • Comprehensive colour and options configuration
  • And much more.

  • Standalone program for use with the Genesis II Digital Controller either directly or over a network.
  • End-user oriented: very easy to use and easily configured.
  • Produces a list of available log data for a Genesis II Digital Controller.
  • More Features on the Gen2Xtract Product Page.

  • DDC front panel simulation
  • Simulation of DDC or MPC processing
  • I/O monitoring and control
  • More Features on the Gen2 Simulator Product Page.

Simulator Manager:
  • Simulator network creation and deletion
  • Genesis II or Maxim series simulator creation and deletion.
  • Simulator state monitoring.
  • More Features on the Simulator Manager Product Page.

  • Inspection of values at any point on the configuration simply by pointing with the mouse
  • Full zooming and panning of your display
  • Trending of up to 5 values simultaneously in separate windows
  • More Features on the Gen2 Monitor Product Page.

  • Monitoring values and points on either a Genesis or Maxim family device
  • Modifying daily, weekly or yearly schedules on a device
  • Modifying values accessible to the user (e.g. set points, timers, etc.)
  • More Features on the Supervisor Product Page.

InnoGraph :
  • Support for large volume of data points (over 1/2 million) per graph channel.
  • Full utilisation of multiple graph display windows.
  • Dynamic cached fast-refresh drawing capabilities.
  • More Features on the InnoGraph Product Page.

iComm :
  • Robust and efficient construction using the latest multithreaded programming techniques
  • Multiple concurrent application connections supported
  • Multiple concurrent network connections serviced
  • More Features on the iComm Product Page.