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Discover the Benefits of Joining the Innotech Global Distributor and Dealer Network

An Introduction To Innotech

Established in 1984, Innotech Control Systems are Australia's largest manufacturer of Building Control Solutions with all Research and Development and Production performed at our Brisbane, Queensland facility.

With a staff of over eighty and distribution channels throughout Australia and the World, Innotech are uniquely positioned to serve the market from large to small projects. In order to maintain our product relevance almost a quarter of Innotech employees are permanent research and development staff who constantly develop new products to meet the market demands.

In Recent years Innotech has continued to grow its global presence with strong export sales through the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Throughout its history Innotech has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including two Australian Institute of Refrigeration and Heating (AIRAH) Awards for Excellence for our Genesis and Maxim building Automation Controllers. Other accolades have included an Australian Design Award and a Qld. Premiers Smart Award for Manufacturing.

Expand your HVAC and BMS Controls Business with Innotech Control Systems

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What We Offer Our Distributors

  • Free training courses - In-house and online
  • Attendance to regular Distributor Meetings
  • Exceptional support
  • Opportunities for exhibiting at major exhibitions
  • Direct input into the designing of new products
  • Product reliability with award winning manufacturing standards
  • An extensive and ever growing, shared knowledge base within the Innotech distribution network
  • A professional community with common goals and values

Additionally Innotech provides access to an extensive catalogue of marketing materials to assist distributors in promoting their product.

Approvals and Listings

Innotech's products are independently tested for a comprehensive range of approvals and listings:

  • BTL Compliance (International)
  • CE Marking (Europe)
  • FCC Marking (USA)
  • RCM Compliance (Australia)
  • UL Marking (USA and Canada)

What Our Distributors Say About Us

Kevin Taylor

Director - Innotech Europe Ltd:

"Innotech provide a product that technically, is up there with the best, but is very competitively priced. It's ease of use is a huge benefit to everyone, from the technician who programs it, to the customer who uses it. Supporting the product is a breeze as we get so few calls from our customers, and when they do phone it's generally with very simple problems like they've forgotten how to do something.

From a Distributors perspective Innotech is extremely responsive to our requirements, they can't always do everything but on the whole we get what we need. Equipment deliveries normally occur between 3 and 4 days from date of order, which considering it spends 2 -3 days of that time in transit, is especially good. It's very rare to be told something is "out of stock". The products are reliable with few failures and when the inevitable software/hardware bugs are found, they are quickly prioritised and resolved. In all dealings with Innotech the Distributor is "one of the family", not just another customer."

Scott Gregson

President - Innotech Controls America:

The value of being an Innotech distributor:

  • Ease of use: Our North American distributors have been quoted as saving well over 50% on engineering and commissioning time over previous products they represented. Innotech software tools give the user the ability to simply and intuitively implement any project no matter how complex. The control simulation software enables them to check and verify the operation of their whole system before installation, finding any unforeseen issues, saving valuable time on site during commissioning.
  • Integration between protocols is simple, fast and reliable using Innotech's intuitive software and hardware.
  • Quality of products: Another quote from one of our distributors, when the Innotech controls have been installed, they never have call backs for faulty products. “This stuff just WORKS”.
  • Responsive Technical Service: Whenever a technical issue or question arises, Innotech are always available to help out.
  • Distributors input: “Unlike most large controls companies, Innotech welcomes distributor input and comments on future development of new products.”

Joining Our Distributor Network

Innotech are always looking for quality distributors and representatives in international markets. As demand for our products grows, we continually need additional regional partners to join our global team.

Being a company founded on quality, we look for several attributes when considering qualified candidates which include:

  • A strong well focussed Business and Marketing plan with clearly defined aims.
  • Key connections to building owners, consulting engineers and general and mechanical contractors with core businesses linked to our field.
  • An outstanding sales team combined with a highly competent technical staff who strive to be market leaders.
  • Experienced personnel with an intimate knowledge of the local market place and businesses linked to the controls industry.
  • A solid, financially stable foundation to the company.

Our success is driven by quality distributors.

Innotech is a world leader in the design, development and production of control products and systems thanks to the experience and dedication of not only its internal staff, but its team of quality distributors. Distributors are not treated as external sales at Innotech, but as an integral part of our business with direct feedback from distributors going straight into the research and development of our next generation products. For this reason distributor partners are carefully selected based on their performance, service records and quality of staff in order to become part of our team. Our ability to continually exceed our customers expectations with our market leading products and invaluable regional training and support (implemented through our distributor network) has led to Innotech's impressive business growth.

We can offer a thriving global network based on repeat customer satisfaction, that boasts the highest quality products and knowledgeable, experienced service for an ever growing market. If you have a business focussed on the outstanding delivery of controls systems and solutions, a passion for customer satisfaction, and your organisation is ready to become a quality leader in the field, then Innotech would like to discuss partnership opportunities with you.

Expand your HVAC and BMS Controls Business with Innotech Control Systems

to find out how.