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Miscellaneous Documents

User Instructions Stand-alone

User Instructions Digital

Genesis II Digital Controller User Instructions (.pdf 6.71MB )
Genesis II Digital Controller User Instructions. Posted 06/12/2013.
GenII WMI User Instructions (.pdf 666KB )
GenII WMI User Instructions
iComm v2 User Instructions (.pdf 3.88MB )
An instructional guide in the operation of Innotech’s iComm software. Posted 3rd March 2020.
Innotech Magellan User Instructions (.pdf 727KB )
Innotech Magellan User Instructions. Posted 4th Dec 2019.
InnTOUCH User Instructions (.pdf 8.04MB )
InnTOUCH User Instructions. Updated 21st Jan 2015.
innTOUCH2 Smart Sensor Product Manual (.pdf 1.69MB )
Product manual for the innTOUCH2 Smart Sensor. Posted 7th February 2024.
M3K Controller User Instructions (.pdf 9.53MB )
M3K Micro 3000 Controller User Instructions. Posted 20/11/2013
Magellan User Instructions (.pdf 2.51MB )
Magellan User Instructions. Posted 18th May 2020.
Maxim Operating Manual (V5 Firmware) (.pdf 1002KB )
Operating Manual for Version 5 Controllers, pre date 11/2005
Maxim User Instructions (V6 Firmware) (.pdf 5.90MB )
Maxim User Instructions for Version 6 Controllers. Posted 20th Nov 2015.
Omni BEMS Controller User Instructions (.pdf 9.44MB )
Instructions for using the Omni BEMS Controller. Posted 3rd March 2020.
Omni Vaisala Interface User Instructions (.pdf 7.02MB )
Instructions for using the Omni Vaisala Interface. Posted 19th Mar 2019.
SENRx User Instructions (.pdf 666KB )
SENRx User Instructions
Viewport Operating Instructions (.pdf 96KB )
Viewport Operating Instructions

Release Notes

Technical Drawings