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Our Customers

Innotech's inventory of high quality HVAC Controls and Building Automation products is used in a broad range of applications and industries such as telecommunications, medical and pharmaceuticals, farming, hotels, sporting venues, mining and transport.

These organisations have chosen to use Innotech because our staff provide reliable, easy-to-use solutions that caters specifically to you and allow your business to operate at its optimum level.

Customer Testimonials

"Words cannot fully portray what Innotech has done for our company. We would highly recommend Innotech to anyone interested in automation controls. The support and knowledge base has revolutionized our company and allowed us to acquire work that we would never have dreamed possible."

- Justin Topel, Bethlehem Controls

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"Our choice has been to predominately utilise Innotech equipment and hardware throughout our design and construct projects due to the quality of equipment, components and software with Innotech providing a high level engineering and support to help deliver the desired results from design phase through to completion of construction phase and current ongoing client needs."

- James Thompson, T&B Air Conditioning Services Pty Limited

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"Our experience with the North American Innotech Distributor, Scott and Carrie, has been very favorable. They seem to have a commitment to the dealers and a work ethic that is hands down best in the business. We appreciate being able to work with them. They are very loyal and are open to suggestion. They work long hours like we do, are supportive and very helpful. This makes them a joy to work with as the face of Innotech for North America."

- Brett Yates, YATES Company

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Organisations that use the Innotech range include:

  • Telstra - Show profile
  • Queensland Rail - Show profile
  • ALDI Australia - Show profile
  • Harvey Norman - Show profile
  • Bunnings - Show profile
  • Southern Cross University - Show profile
  • NSW Regional Health - Show profile
  • Air Services Australia
  • The Department of Education and Training – Victoria
  • LEO Pharma
  • The Wesley Hospital - Queensland
  • Ramsay Healthcare - Australia Wide
  • McDonalds