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Research and Development

Research & Development's (R&D) role is to research environmental controls and related industrial advances, apply this research to product development, and to offer technical support to Innotech’s sales team and its customer base.

Benefits our R&D provides:


Ideas are born from an evolving market, customer feedback and new technology. R&D then turns these ideas into reality. Concepts for new products or revisions are devised, built and compliance tested to ensure it will withstand the rigours of the job and meet national and international standards. Once verified, data sheets and manuals are written. R&D provides continued support of all Innotech products following product release.


R&D uses a mix of stand-alone and digital technologies to create a balance of functionality, versatility and flexibility. Technologies used are carefully chosen to guarantee product reliability. This enables products to excel in a wide variety of applications - the imagination of the end users is the only limit.