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Stand-alone HVAC Controls

Innotech's stand-alone analogue HVAC Controls are a cost effective, direct form of controller. Purpose built and stand-alone in operation, they provide an economical and fully featured option for a HVAC controls system. Innotech has a wide range of stand-alone HVAC controls that offer our customers comprehensive functionality and well-priced solutions for their control requirements.

See the M3K Micro 3000 Series analogue controls range

Micro 3000 Series

The Innotech Micro 3000 Series Controllers are designed to be used in hotel and light commercial applications to provide complete control for air conditioning systems.

See the M3K range

See the IMC Series stand-alone controls range

IMC Series

The IMC series of Modular Controls are designed to regulate heating and cooling of air conditioning systems.

See the IMC range

See the IPC Series stand-alone controls range

IPC Series

The Innotech Package Controller is designed for use with a two wire current loop temperature detector to produce two 0-10V DC outputs and up to five relay outputs.

See the IPC range

See the IMT Series stand-alone controls range

IMT Series

The Innotech Modular Thermostat series is designed to control temperature in air conditioning systems. It is a stand-alone controller that regulates temperature of a conditioned space by switching heating and cooling systems as required.

See the IMT range

See the IWP Series stand-alone controls range

IWP Series

The Innotech IWP range of controllers is designed to regulate the staging of heating and cooling of air conditioning systems. The controllers can be used as stand alone devices or the modulating outputs can be used to control auxiliary units, such as chilled water valves or damper actuators.

See the IWP range

View the full range of stand-alone Controls

Complete Range

View a list of the entire range of Innotech Stand-alone HVAC Controls.

See the full range

Benefits of Innotech's Stand-alone Controls include:

  • Comprehensive range to meet any application

  • Maximum functionality with minimum fuss

  • All parameters are fully adjustable

  • Setup is quick and easy

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