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About Us

Based in Brisbane Australia, Innotech Control Systems Australia design, manufacture and service Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Environmental Control, and Building Automation/Management Systems (BAS/BEMS/BMS) for over thirty nine years.

In that time, we have developed an award-winning inventory of high quality products. We combine this with friendly and practical advice from our dedicated team of professionals. In order to meet the demand for the Innotech range of products and services, we are supported by a network of local and international distributors.

Innotech Control Systems Head Office

Watch the Why Choose Innotech for Your Next Building Energy Management Project video.

Why use Innotech products?

  • Range

    - Extensive selection enables you to find the solution to best suit you
  • Versatility

    - Products can accommodate a wide range of applications
  • Reliability

    - Built to last, Innotech’s range can withstand the harshest of environments
  • Value

    - You receive a high quality product along with technical service and advice
  • Compliance

    - Inventory is designed and manufactured to comply with both national and international standards


We believe the longevity of a company is guaranteed by a proactive market approach. That is why continuing research and development, exceptional product quality, and strong customer focus are all part of Innotech’s business ethos. As part of Innotech’s commitment to customer satisfaction, staff are trained to accommodate your business needs. We understand that loyal support of customers is vital to the success of a business, and it is this thought that underpins every single customer interaction.


The Innotech story began in 1984 with a man (Stephen Miranda) and a workshop. Frustrated with the quality of products on the market, Steve saw the opportunity to design innovative and user-friendly air conditioning control systems. The range was embraced by the industry and subsequently the company developed a reputation as a provider of progressive products, solutions, and service. As for the future, Innotech aims to further diversify its range of high quality products and expand export opportunities to not only retain, but grow our base of valued customers and distributors.

Company Structure

Mass Electronics Group - Parent Company

The parent company to Innotech Control Systems, Innotech Pty Ltd, Mass Electronics Pty Ltd and Kwikaz.

Innotech Control Systems - Sales

Our highly motivated team of sales professionals has decades of experience among them. Renowned for their strong customer support, they are dedicated to providing progressive products and solutions to best suit the clients’ needs.

Innotech Pty Ltd - Research and Development

Innotech’s Research and Development department is a team of highly dedicated and experienced individuals. This department is responsible for the design of Innotech’s innovative controllers and software. Their primary goal is to engineer controllers to enable customers to get the most out of their systems.

Mass Electronics Pty Ltd - Manufacturing

The production department oversees the manufacture of the Innotech range. This team is in both the surface-mount and through-hole divisions. Their main drive is a commitment to excellence and, as a result, Innotech has developed a reputation for producing products of outstanding quality.