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This product has been discontinued.

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InnoGraph is Innotech’s data log graphing and analysis tool. While it has been designed to specifically cater for the data log graphing capabilities of the Genesis II and Maxim Digital Controllers, it has the flexibility to display data log graphing information from other sources.

InnoGraph allows multiple graphs to be displayed in multiple windows simultaneously. Complete with a host of configurable display options, statistical analysis of data points, analogue and digital value support, active cursors, colour printing capability, and comprehensive zooming and panning features, InnoGraph is your complete graphing package.

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  • Support for large volume of data points (over 1/2 million) per graph channel.
  • Full utilisation of multiple graph display windows.
  • Dynamic cached fast-refresh drawing capabilities.
  • Support for unlimited text labelling on graphs with fully configurable text attributes (colour, font, size, etc).
  • Ability to display each graph in a window with a separately scaled Time axis.
  • Several display enhancement functions, such as smoothing, selective point plotting, hidden-point averaging, and colour/line type selection.
  • Display of statistical analysis of graphs.
  • Graph-file templates to enable quick loading of previous graphs complete with their unique settings.
  • Tailoring of the defaults for each new graph.
  • Graph files displayed in a hierarchical format allowing for easy selection of graphs.
  • Versatile zooming functions complete with zoom-history.
  • Horizontal scrolling of graphs in any zoom magnification.
  • Active cursors to show the value on the graph as the mouse moves.
  • Tailoring of individual graphs at the click of a button on the toolbar.
  • Full colour resolution-enhanced printing, resulting in a less jagged line on the printed output.
  • Optional day/night line representing the time of day at an instant along the base of the graphs.
  • Very comprehensive on-line help and user documentation.