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Maxim Series - Direct Digital Controllers

The Innotech Maxim series is a state of the art processing system that has the capability of controlling various types of industrial, commercial and domestic systems.

The Maxim series can operate as a standalone device, using its own universal inputs and analogue and digital outputs to receive information and control external equipment, or as part of a network of Innotech devices that support Global Netcomms.

The Maxim hardware works together with the Maxim software range which offers very simple to use, yet powerful configuring, monitoring/debugging, simulating, and extracting tools.

You can also use innSIGHT Supervisor Web Server for quick and easy access to view and modify variables and schedules from all Maxim series controllers that are connected to your Innotech RS485 network.

Maxim III

20 Universal Inputs, 12 Digital Outputs, 8 Analog Outputs.

Maxim II

6 Universal Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 6 Digital Outputs.

Maxim I

6 Universal Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 6 Digital Outputs.



MiniMAX with innTOUCH Comms

7 Universal Inputs/Output, 4 Digital Outputs.



MicroMAX with innTOUCH Comms

2 x independent configurable Universal Inputs/Outputs, 4 TRIAC Outputs



VAVMax with innTOUCH Comms

1 10k thermistor Input, 2 Universal Inputs/Output, 1 Diff Pressure Input, 4 Digital Outputs.

Maxim 1010

10 Universal Inputs, 10 Universal Outputs, High Output Loading.

MaxTime MT01

4 Channel Timeclock with Optimum Start

MaxTime MT02

24V 4 Channel Timeclock with Optimum Start

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