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MT02 MAXTime 24V AC 4 Channel TimeSwitch

Digital / Controllers

This product has been superseded.

Replacement Product: MT01 MaxTime 4 Channel TimeSwitch

The Innotech MAXTime MT02 is a 24V 4 Channel programmable 365 day time switch with optimum start capabilities. Its applications include air conditioner plant scheduling and usage optimising, lighting, security and virtually any application that requires events to occur at a scheduled time.

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  • 4 Independently programmable Relay channels
  • After Hours capability on all channels
  • 4 line, 80 character Liquid Crystal Display
  • Optimum Start on All Channels with Thermistor inputs
  • 32 On/Off Weekly Events per Channel
  • 20 On/Off Yearly Events per Channel
  • 20 On/Off Master Yearly Events (All Channels)
  • User Programmable After Hours Timer
  • Current Time and Date (Battery Backed)
  • After Hours Usage Log (Battery Backed)
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustment
  • All Configuration and Schedule Data is stored to non-volatile memory
  • Calibration function for Thermistor inputs
  • Operates on 24 V AC
  • DIN Rail mountable