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Maxim III Controller

Digital / Controllers

This product has been superseded.

Replacement Product: Omni BEMS Controller

The Innotech Maxim III Controller is a state of the art digital processing system that has the capability of controlling various types of commercial systems. The Maxim III Controller can operate as a standalone device, using its own universal inputs and analogue and digital outputs to receive information and control external equipment, or as part of a network of Innotech devices that support Global Net Comms.

The Maxim III Controller's configuration program is developed on a computer using a Windows® based program. This allows the user to configure the internal processes of the Maxim III Controller by using a graphical programming tool. The user places various process blocks and interconnecting lines to design the required control algorithm for the system.

The configuration program can be downloaded to the Maxim III Controller with an RS485 serial link, using the connector on the right side of the case to link to the computer via a 485/232 converter, or with an optional Ethernet link, using the RJ45 connector on the bottom right side of the case. These links may also be used to upload logged data or the program back out of the controller for modification or debugging purposes.

Maxim III Model Number Designations:


(Larger image)
  • 500 millisecond cycle/scan time
  • 20 configurable universal inputs
  • 12 digital relay outputs
  • 8 analogue outputs
  • Optional Human Machine Interface (HMI) on a 4 line, 20 character backlit LCD **
  • Optional Ethernet connection for Net Comms
  • Status of I/O points displayed on LCD
  • 80 user defined watches (up to eight pages of up to 10 watches)
  • Data logging of 2MB, up to 300,000 readings
  • 1 x RS485 serial communications port for Net Comms
  • 1 x RS485 serial communications port for Global Comms
  • User Selectable Baud Rates:
    1. (a) Net 9600 Global 4800
    2. (b) Net 57600 Global 38400
  • All wire connections by 2.5mm plug-in screw terminals
  • Program resides in non-volatile flash RAM
  • Real Time Clock, battery backed for approximately 5 years

** Backlit LCD is only available on units manufactured after 2 July 2010