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Supervisor Plus

Software / General

This product has been discontinued.

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Supervisor Plus is a specialised dynamic monitoring utility for the Genesis and Maxim family devices. It provides all the functionality that is available from the device display panel with greater ease-of-use and flexibility. It is aimed at those users who require some feedback or control of the system, but have no desire to be immersed in the technical details of the configuration.

Supervisor Plus is an user-oriented product; no specialised knowledge of either the Genesis or Maxim systems are required for its use. It allows the user to view the values of points of interest on a device, change its schedule information, or modify values accessible to the user.

Supervisor Plus allows the user to change the way the 'watch' items are displayed. Information is presented in a more personlised and easily understood manner. You can set background images, arrange the watch items around the page and customise the fonts used.

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  • ‘Watch’ value status and modification
  • Daily schedule viewing and modification
  • Weekly schedule viewing and modification
  • Yearly (exception) schedule viewing and modification
  • Change date and time
  • Change daylight savings parameters
  • View of Genesis or Maxim family device flash page
  • Basic alarm notification via pop up window
  • User-level security
  • Full support for dial-in remote access via a modem or network connection
  • Uses disk caching to speed up transfers to and from the Genesis or Maxim family device
  • Some user configuration is available, but no programming is required as information is preconfigured on a device or controller
  • Easy to use interface, no special training required
  • Comprehensive on-line help and user documentation