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This product has been discontinued.

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MAXCon is the configuration software for Innotech's Maxim Series controllers. MAXCon allows you to internally configure a Maxim Series controller by using a simple point-and-click approach on a Windows® computer.

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  • 36 function block types, ranging from a simple Logic Gate to more complex Schedule or PID function blocks
  • Free text available to clarify parts of your configuration
  • Auto-routing of line connections
  • Colour and options configuration
  • Supports use of labels to reduce direct line connections
  • Automatically saves your work in a backup file
  • Macro facility allows pasting of pre-drawn sections of a configuration
  • Bar graphs that provide available resource information
  • Provides a graphical printout of your configuration in colour or monochrome
  • Uses context-sensitive line colours to aid in detecting design errors
  • Creates a wiring diagram automatically based on your configuration
  • Powerful search and replace mechanism for objects in your configuration
  • Allows zooming and panning of your display
  • Remote access via modem, ethernet, or internet connection
  • Comprehensive on-line help documentation