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This product has been discontinued.

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MAXMon software aids with the commissioning and troubleshooting of Maxim Series controllers by allowing you to monitor and debug configurations in real time. With MAXMon you can view the configuration as its being processed by the controller, allowing you to inspect, trend or modify the block values.

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  • View input/output values in real time simply by hovering over the input or output of a block with the mouse
  • Allows changes to be made to most configuration blocks in real time
  • Full zoom and pan of the configuration
  • Trending of up to 5 values simultaneously in separate windows
  • Pop-up I-window to view input/output values of blocks that are continuously updated in real time. Up to 31 I-windows can be created while monitoring a Maxim I, Maxim II, VAVMax, SSG, MiniMAX or MicroMAX controllers. With the Maxim III and the Maxim 1010 controllers you can have up to 100 I-windows; although having more than 60 I-windows will slow MAXMon down considerably
  • Ability to pause and freeze all values being monitored for analysis, including all trend windows. When monitoring is restarted, the trend windows are updated with all information accumulated during the pause
  • All major Maxim controller communication functions are supported, including system settings and network searching
  • Consistent in operation to the MAXCon configuration utility
  • Remote access via modem, ethernet, or internet connection
  • Comprehensive online help documentation