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MiniMAX Controller

Digital / Controllers

This product has been superseded.

Replacement Product: SKIA 8C

The Innotech MiniMAX Controller is a state of the art digital processing system that has the capability of controlling various types of industrial and commercial systems. The MiniMAX can operate as a standalone device, using its own universal I/O and TRIAC Outputs to receive information and control external equipment, or as part of a network of Innotech devices, where MM01 interfaces with the Primary Network, and MM02 interfaces with the Sub System Network.

The MiniMAX Controller features Universal I/O channels (UIO) which combine the functions of Universal Input and Analog Output channels into a single software programmable channel. Each UIO can be independently set via software to have input or output functionality. With this structure, you are free to assign functions as required, instead of choosing a fixed controller to fit the job.

The MiniMAX configuration program is created on a computer using a Windows® based design program. This allows the user to configure the internal processes of the MiniMAX by using a graphical programming tool. The user places various process blocks and interconnecting lines to design the required control algorithm for the system.

A connector on the bottom right side of the case provides an RS485 communication interface for communicating with other networked devices.


  • MM01: MiniMAX Controller, Primary Network
  • MM02: MiniMAX Controller, Sub System Network

(Larger image)
  • 100 millisecond cycle/scan time
  • 7 x independent configurable Universal Inputs/Outputs
  • 4 x 24 V AC TRIAC Outputs
  • 1 x RS485 Serial Communications Port (MM02)
  • 2 x RS485 Serial Communications Ports (MM01)
  • User selectable Baud Rate
  • All wire connections by pluggable screw terminals
  • Program resides in non-volatile flash RAM