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iComm v1

Software / General

This product has been superseded.

Replacement Product: iComm v4

iComm is the communications server used by application software to communicate with Innotech digital controllers. It supports multiple concurrent applications communicating with multiple servers and device networks. iComm is the communications hub of any HMI-integrated device network.

iComm supports communication to Innotech devices using a range of communication methods such as Serial, USB, TCP/IP, BACIP or Internal Simulator connections. Additionally, iComm supports communication with 3rd party devices through supported protocols, such as BACIP networks

There is no practical limit to the number of applications that can be simultaneously connected to iComm.

iComm boasts an impressive diagnostic front screen allowing the user to analyse usage, traffic and communications activity in real-time.

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  • Robust and efficient construction using the latest multi-threaded programming techniques
  • Multiple concurrent application connections supported
  • Multiple concurrent network connections serviced
  • Detailed listing of all registered services with accurate status information
  • Listing of devices available for a specific connection
  • Consolidated listing of requests for values from all applications
  • Detailed event log to window or to log file with filters
  • Comprehensive on-line help available
  • Display of currently-connected applications with their IP address and name
  • Statistics page showing bytes of network traffic to and from server
  • ActiveX control interface for third-party applications
  • Uses 128 bit encryption for login authentication
  • Resistant to network hacking, worms or denial of service attacks
  • Data values can be logged to a Microsoft® Access™ database
  • Logged data values can be graphed directly in iComm
  • Built-in protocol analysis