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This product has been discontinued.

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Gen2Mon is a monitoring and debugging utility designed to help with commissioning and trouble-shooting a Genesis II Digital Controller. It displays the configuration which resides on a Controller and allows the user to inspect, trend or modify the value at any of the points in the configuration while the controller is running.

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  • Allows inspection of value at any point on the configuration simply by pointing at the point of interest with the mouse
  • Full zooming and panning of your display
  • Trending of up to 5 values simultaneously in separate windows
  • Values can be displayed in a separate windows which is updated continuously. Up to 20 of these windows can be visible on the screen at any time.
  • Facility to pause monitoring and freeze all values displayed on the screen for analysis, including trend windows. When monitoring is re-started, the trend windows are updated with all information accumulated during the pause.
  • Simulation facility to simulate the value of Inputs on the controller - a feature which is essential in this type of application
  • All major Genesis II communications functions are supported, including System Settings, Password change, Network test and Network searching
  • Consistent in operation and display with the configuration utility, Gen2Config
  • Full support for dial-in remote access via a modem or network connection
  • Very comprehensive on-line help and user documentation
  • Disk caching used to speed up transfer to and from Genesis II Digital Controllers
  • Allows internal configuration of any block on the configuration while the controller is still running