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Genesis II Controller V5

Digital / Controllers

This product has been superseded.

Replacement Product: Omni BEMS Controller

The Innotech Genesis II Digital Controller is a state of the art digital processing system capable of controlling various types of commercial systems. It is the central unit of the Genesis II System hardware, and can be tailored to specific applications with the Genesis II software and a wide range of Remote Expansion Modules (REMs). This combination of hardware and software can be used to monitor plants and equipment, data logging and analysis, data transfer, and troubleshooting.

The Genesis II Controller can operate as a standalone device, while more complex installations can use multiple controllers sharing data between controllers and a computer. Communication among the Genesis II Controllers is facilitated by a Global Points link bus system, whereas communication with a computer is through a standard RS485 network.

The Genesis II Controller can be configured using the Windows® based Gen2Config software. This graphical configuration utility allows the user to configure the inputs and outputs of the Genesis II Controller by placing various process blocks and interconnecting lines to design the required control algorithm for the controller.

Up to 256 process constants or variables can be accessed using the Human Machine Interface (HMI). Information can be grouped in any combination on the 8 display pages, with the ability to control access to the display pages using a multilevel password system.

The HMI can display a further 32 points or up to 128 Alarms via a flash page. A computer allows access for manipulating and interrogating the controller using tools from the GEN2 family of software products.

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  • Optional Human Machine Interface (HMI) on a backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Status of up to 256 data points displayed on LCD
  • Data logging with up to 1.2 million interval based readings
  • LED status lights for Digital Outputs
  • Opto isolated Digital Inputs
  • Definable Analogue Input types
  • Analogue Outputs selectable for 0–10VDC or PWM for solid state relay control
  • Pulse Counter Input
  • On board speaker
  • 1 second scan rate
  • 3 x RS485 network ports – Net, Global & Remote Expansion Module communications
  • 1 x RS232 comm port
  • Optional Ethernet connection for Net communications
  • All wire connections by removable terminals
  • Program resides in nonvolatile Flash RAM
  • Real Time Clock battery backed for approximately 5 years