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Software / Genesis

This product has been discontinued.

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Innotech AutoStart is an automatic program launching utility designed primarily for use with Gen2Xtract and MaxTract software. It allows any number of Windows® batch programs to be automatically started at regular time intervals. It is aimed at users who wish to regularly extract log data from Genesis or Maxim series controllers.

AutoStart is a user-oriented product. A simple Graphical User Interface generates the command line parameters required by Gen2Xtract and MaxTract.

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  • System tray program runs in the background
  • Records are automatically loaded on start-up and saved on exit
  • Optional time & date stamping to ensure uniqueness of log file names
  • iComm interface displays available server connections
  • Option to start program in a minimised window state
  • Specify how far back in time to extract log data
  • Extract data from all or specific log channels
  • Option to automatically run user-defined programs and command lines
  • Simple context menu to enable/disable all or specific records
  • Easy to use interface and comprehensive help system