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This product has been discontinued.

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Gen2Xtract is the data log extraction utility for Innotech® Genesis II Digital Controller. Gen2Xtract allows extraction of all or part of the history log data residing on a Genesis II Direct Digital Controller or Genesis II Mid Points Controller, into a specified data format.

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  • Standalone program for use with the Genesis II Digital Controller either directly or over a network.
  • End-user oriented: very easy to use and easily configured.
  • Produces complete list of available log data for a Genesis II Digital Controller from which the user selects.
  • Can extract multiple channels simultaneously.
  • Allows the user to specify that only data between certain dates and times should be extracted.
  • Full support for dial-in remote access via a modem or network connection.
  • Very comprehensive on-line help and user documentation.
  • Disk caching used to speed up transfer from Genesis II Digital Controllers.
  • Genesis II Digital Controller continues to operate normally during transfer of log data.
  • Ability to extract up to 1/2 a million readings and write the data in your specified data format.
  • Convenient progress display while extraction is in progress.
  • Extraction can be stopped short of the target at any time.