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Maxim Software Bundle

Software / Maxim

This product has been discontinued.

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A bundle of configuration, monitoring and debugging tools for Innotech’s Maxim series DDC controllers.

The Maxim Software bundle consists of :

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  • 36 function block types, ranging from a simple Logic Gate to a more complex Schedule or PID function.
  • Free text available to clarify parts of your configuration.
  • Auto-routing of line connections.
  • More Features on the MaxCon Product Page.

MAX2 Simulator:
  • Maxim front panel simulation.
  • Simulation of Maxim Series II processing (Note: also supports Maxim Series I configurations).
  • I/O monitoring and control.
  • More Features on the Max2Sim Product Page.

MAX3 Simulator:
  • Maxim front panel simulation.
  • Simulation of Maxim III processing.
  • I/O monitoring and control.
  • More Features on the Max3Sim Product Page.

MiniMAX Simulator:
  • Simulation of MiniMax processing as a controller:
    • (MM01) on a Primary Innotech Network.
    • (MM02) on a Sub System Network managed by a Sub System Gateway simulator.
  • More Features on the MiniMaxSim Product Page.

MicroMAX Simulator:
  • Designing and testing configurations within a Windows environment.
  • Training aid for both the use of Maxim software and the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

VAVMax Simulator:
  • Simulation of VAVMax device. Giving visual representation of internal HMI.
  • Simulation of VAVMax processing as a controller on a Sub System Network.
  • I/O monitoring and control.
  • More Features on the VavMaxSim Product Page.

SSG Simulator:
  • SSG front panel simulation. Giving visual representation of internal HMI with all interrogation capabilities.
  • Ability to simulate a Sub System Network when used in conjunction with VAVMax or MiniMax (MM02) simulators.
  • Transparent support for all Innotech Maxim software packages in relation to Sub System devices.
  • More Features on the SSGSim Product Page.

Maxim 1010 Simulator:
  • Standalone program for use with the Maxim family device either directly or over a network.
  • End-user oriented: very easy to use and easily configured.
  • Produces complete list of available log data for a Maxim family device selected.
  • More Features on the MaxTract Product Page.

  • Inspectvalues of any point on the configuration simply by pointing with the mouse.
  • Full zooming and panning of your display.
  • Trending of up to 5 values simultaneously in separate windows.
  • More Features on the MaxMon Product Page.

  • Robust and efficient construction using the latest multithreaded programming techniques
  • Multiple concurrent application connections supported
  • Detailed event log to window or to log file with filters
  • More Features on the iComm Product Page.