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Gen2Programmer Software Bundle

Software / Genesis

This product has been discontinued.

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The Programmer kit contains the tools to configure and monitor the Innotech Genesis and Maxim Direct Digtal Controllers.

The configuration tool allows programming of the devices, while the monitoring tool allows interrogation of the program, viewing of real-time trends, forcing of points, and changes to internal block settings. This package is ideal for installation and service contractors.

The Gen2Programmer Software Bundle consists of :

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  • 39 function block types, ranging from a simple OR gate to a more complex Scheduler or PID function
  • Free text available to clarify parts of your configuration
  • Auto-routing of line connections
  • Comprehensive colour and options configuration
  • More Features on the Gen2Config Product Page.

  • Standalone program for use with the Genesis II Digital Controller either directly or over a network.
  • End-user oriented: very easy to use and easily configured.
  • Produces a list of available log data for a Genesis II Digital Controller.
  • More Features on the Gen2Xtract Product Page.

  • Inspection of values at any point on the configuration simply by pointing with the mouse
  • Full zooming and panning of your display
  • Trending of up to 5 values simultaneously in separate windows
  • More Features on the Gen2 Monitor Product Page.

  • Support for large volume of data points (over 1/2 million) per graph channel.
  • Full utilisation of multiple graph display windows.
  • Dynamic cached fast-refresh drawing capabilities.
  • More Features on the InnoGraph Product Page.