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Project Profile

Adelaide Oval Western Grandstand

Industry: Retail, Entertainment and Sports

Project Name: Adelaide Oval Western Grandstand by Emtrol
Location: Adelaide Oval Western Grandstand, King William St, Adelaide, Australia
Main Goal of Project:
  • Provide a building management system for:
    • HVAC control
    • Energy consumption monitoring
    • Water consumption monitoring
    • Alarm monitoring of 3rd party plant such as UPS systems and domestic water plant
    • Data Acquisition
    • Trend logging
    • Report generation

Main Requirements of Project

  • BACnet integration to Clipsal CBUS, Daikin VRV and Crompton Integra Power Meters.
  • Graphical User Interface to all monitored BMS points.
  • Integration of Daikin VRV systems and Innotech controllers to achieve effective Timeclock Control, and interlock to Outside Air Fans or Heat Recovery Ventilators.
  • Event exception and scheduling of plant and equipment.
  • Enabling toilet ventilation system from lighting control.
  • Control of kitchen exhaust, makeup-air and UV sterilisation systems.
  • Control of Bar and Dining room Air-Handling Units.
  • Monitoring of HEPA and cartridge filters with real-time display of saturation percent.
  • Control of Radiant Heaters and Evaporative coolers for kiosks.
  • Monitoring of water consumption for irrigation and building supply.
  • Monitoring of domestic hot and cold water pump status.
  • Monitoring and logging of 23 Power meters for Analysis
  • Logging of all control parameters including temperatures and plant status.


Controls Used:
Software Used: A variety of applications are catered to using the following software:


What unusual issues has this Project posed?
  • Simultaneous BACnet integration to 3 other proprietary control systems or device types.
  • Full control over the entire Daikin VRV network.
How did we overcome them?

Innotech’s BACnet integration provides seamless data sharing between the other BACnet control or monitoring systems and the Innotech network.

The combined use of Maxim and Genesis controllers allowed flexibility and distributed intelligence across the site for failsafe operations, not reliant upon the BMS computer, ensuring all requirements for the client were met.