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Project Profile

Manningham City Council

Industry: Government


A Genesis II Direct Digital Control System has been installed in the premises of Manningham City Council by Cortrols Temperature Systems. The offices of Manningham City Council are located in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster.


Installation of the Innotech system has been ongoing for several years, involving:-
  • updating an analogue system in the Council's existing building;
  • incorporating control strategies to facilitate reduction of energy consumption; and
  • integrating the upgraded system with the Council's new, extended facilities - an exhibition and conference centre.

Site Logistics

The premises of Manningham City Council include a large office area, and the more recently built conference and exhibition facility, including a function room with a capacity of 500 seats.

As a result of extensions, the Council building has grown from 5,000 square metres to 6,200 square metres.


Currently, the Innotech control system is comprised of:-
The function of the Genesis II system is to enable control and monitoring of temperature, ventilation, CO2 levels, and general mechanical services; monitoring and logging of power and gas consumption; and monitoring and logging of heating hot water and chilled water flow metering. Additional features include an optimum start function, and monitoring of alarms and faults.

The five Genesis II Digital Controllers are situated in two separate sections of the building, and are connected to the MPI, which provides alarm annunciation via facsimile or SMS.

Three PC's, all programmed with Innotech's Magellan software, allow the system to be monitored and adjusted from various locations. Two of the PC's are located on-site, while the third is situated approximately eight kilometers away, in the Building Manager's office.

The system facilitates control and monitoring of temperature in the administration offices, function rooms and kitchen. An optimum start function is employed in the administration areas of the building, and ventilation for toilet and kitchen exhausts are also controlled and monitored.

Various event organisers utilise the on-site PC's to ensure air conditioning needs are met in the function area. The 500-seat function room can be divided into smaller rooms, as required, and the on-site PC's allow event organisers to set a timeclock for the respective air conditioning of an individual room once a booking is confirmed - even weeks in advance.

This provides the Council with a considerable cost benefit, as air conditioning is able to be utilised only in those areas where it is necessary.

Another feature of the system is the control and monitoring of CO2 levels within the function room. If CO2 rises above an acceptable level, the system compensates by introducing fresh air into the area.

Various plant operations are also controlled and monitored by the Innotech system. These include condensed water, chilled water, heating water, pneumatic air, and domestic hot water calorifier.

Mechanical services are monitored with fax dial-out on alarm to maintenance staff, resulting in problems being addressed before building tenants are even aware of them. The temperature and fault status of the Council's IT room is monitored with SMS and fax dial-out on alarm, allowing IT staff to react promptly to any problems which may arise.


Ian Waters, Manager Civic Buildings for Manningham City Council, commented, "The Innotech system has significantly reduced complaints regarding air conditioning problems, resulting in a considerable decrease in breakdown callouts and service costs."

Key Functions

  • Control and monitoring of temperature, ventilation, CO2 levels, and various plant operations.
  • Monitoring and logging of power and gas consumption.
  • Monitoring and logging of heating hot water and chilled water flow metering.
  • Optimum start function.
  • Monitoring of alarms and faults; alarm annunciation via facsimile or SMS.

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