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FM Software Bundle

Software / General

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Facility Manager (FM) is an event driven, real-time Alarm handling package. It provides an intuitive and powerful means of designing, monitoring, and handling alarm groups.

Using a drag-and-drop approach, alarm groups can be easily setup using point values from a number of different devices and networks. Each point has its own activation settings which determine when an alarm group is activated.

Each alarm group is assigned a number of people to contact in the event of activation. These people can be contacted in a variety of ways including e-mail, fax, SMS and printed messages. A scripting language using SNMP also allows the designer to create new message types to be sent via modem commands.

All Alarm Groups can be acknowledged or disabled by a user via the FM Server & Explorer programs.

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  • Event driven processing strategy for fast, efficient operation
  • Real-time operation – an alarm group is activate and message sent as soon as a value of a data point changes
  • Seamless integration with existing Genesis and MAXIM products
  • Can monitor data points on all Innotech network products via Net comms
  • Programmed alarms can be monitored via FM Explorer or by other Innotech products, including Magellan
  • Step-by-step project design with easy drag-and-drop methodology
  • Various message types can be sent to any practical number of people
  • Alarm Groups can be acknowledged
  • Message bank enables messages to be created and stored for use in future projects, including fax and e-mail layouts
  • Messages can be personalized
  • All events can be logged to screen, or File System administrator details can be entered and contacted whenever errors occur. This includes when a device goes off-line, or an alarm recipient could not be contacted
  • Clone contacts with messages
  • Copy messages from one contact to another
  • Import devices and connections from iComm