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FM Server

Software / General

The heart of the FM (Facilty Manager) system. It is responsible for monitoring points and sending Alarm messages to people when required.

Facility Manager is available as three separate products:

  • FM Builder - Enables the designer to create new projects and transfer them to and from the FM Server. Project creation is done using a simple step-by-step process that enables simple or complex projects to be designed easily.
  • FM Server - The heart of the system. It is responsible for monitoring points and sending Alarm messages to people when required.
  • FM Explorer - A front-end viewer that allows the current status of Alarm Groups to be checked either remotely or locally. The user can acknowledge that an Alarm Group has been activated showing other users that the problem is being taken care of.
Information FM Explorer cannot be installed when FM Server is present on the computer and vice versa.

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  • Event driven processing strategy for fast, efficient operation
  • Real-time operation – an alarm group is activate and message sent as soon as a value of a data point changes
  • Seamless integration with existing Genesis and MAXIM products
  • Can monitor data points on all Innotech network products via Net comms
  • Programmed alarms can be monitored via FM Explorer or by other Innotech products, including Magellan
  • Step-by-step project design with easy drag-and-drop methodology
  • Various message types can be sent to any practical number of people
  • Alarm Groups can be acknowledged
  • Message bank enables messages to be created and stored for use in future projects, including fax and e-mail layouts
  • Messages can be personalized
  • All events can be logged to screen, or File System administrator details can be entered and contacted whenever errors occur. This includes when a device goes off-line, or an alarm recipient could not be contacted
  • Clone contacts with messages
  • Copy messages from one contact to another
  • Import devices and connections from iComm