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Innotech NeoView

Software / General

Innotech's NeoView Software is a powerful building automation platform that allows real-time data from your built-environment and business systems to be connected via a centralised, online, graphical interface. By integrating diverse systems or geographic locations Neoview can assist you to improve operational efficiency, while advanced analytics highlight opportunities to reduce energy usage, improve building performance, and achieve cost savings and profitability gains.

Innotech NeoLink is a JACE and Niagara compatible head-end that enables deployment of Neoview on both Innotech controls and facilities using other HVAC controls from other manufacuturers.

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  • Enhance sustainability and reduce building energy usage
  • Analytics that drive efficiency and cost-savings
  • Create centralised cross-platform interfaces
  • Easy to implement and scalable as your business grows
  • Powerful visualisation and comprehensive reporting
  • Robust security and cyber protection
  • Powered by the Niagara Framework
  • Access through any device in any location