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innTOUCH Smart Sensor

Digital / Controllers

The Innotech innTOUCH Smart Sensor is a wall mounted remote Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel that provides a user interface for supported Innotech MiniMAX, VAVMax, MicroMAX and Omni C20x and Omni C40x controllers.

The innTOUCH Smart Sensor has a single communications channel, with data transfer occurring through the power supply interface. Power and communication are provided through the 2-way Combicon connector.

One innTOUCH Smart Sensor can interface with a supported controller. All data points on the innTOUCH Smart Sensor are updated at the same rate as the controllers.

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Direct Interface Compatibility

Model designations
 Thermistor InputUniversal InputsReal Time Clock

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  • Icon based backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Modern, attractive enclosure design
  • 4 X universal inputs (optional)
  • 1 X integrated thermistor input
  • Real Time Clock (optional)
  • Push button interface
  • Direct interface with the MM01C, MM02C, VM01C, UM01C, OMC20, OMC20D, OMC40 and OMC40D controllers
  • Two wire single twisted pair, shielded or unshielded connection from controller provides both comms and power
  • Wall mounted device