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Meet the innTOUCH Smart Sensor

The smart sensor you asked for is here!

innTOUCH Smart Sensor

innTOUCH is a Smart Sensor solution for stand-alone applications or complete networked BMS solutions. The flexibility of innTOUCH ensures this Smart Sensor is suited to a wide range of applications including:

  • Hotel Room Air-Conditioning
  • Commercial Air-Conditioning
  • High End Residential Air-Conditioning
  • VAV Zone Control
  • Custom configurations

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The innTOUCH Smart Sensor used in conjunction with the powerful MAXIM Series of controllers enhances the MAXIM capabilities, allowing for custom configurations to accommodate individual client needs, including energy management and CO2 monitoring.

innTOUCH Smart Sensor

Product Features

  • Icon based backlit Liquid Crystal Display
  • Ability to display Ambient Conditions, CO2, Humidity and/or other custom values.
  • Remote reset to Default settings, specifically designed for Hotel Room applications.
  • Timeclock and Temperature Setpoint updated from innTOUCH or the BMS.
  • Fan Speed Control
  • Modern, attractive enclosure design
  • 4 x Universal Inputs (Optional)
  • Integrated Thermister, housed for optimum accuracy and airflow
  • Real Timeclock (Optional)
  • Power and Comms on the same 2 wires


innTOUCH conforms to the following standards:

  • EN613261-1:2006 and EN613262-1:2006 for CE Marking and C-Tick Labelling
  • Title 47 CFR, Part 15 Class A for FCC Marking
  • UL listed to UL916, File Number E242628

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