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Omni BEMS Controller

Digital / Controllers

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The Innotech Omni generation of BEMS Controllers are state of the art digital processing systems suitable for various types of control applications typically found in building management and process control.

High speed data processing technology, customisable multi protocol communication interfaces, combined with a fully user configurable input/output interface for field device connectivity allows for out-of- the-box project flexibility.

Omni's Programmable Points (UI/O) can be used universally as inputs or outputs.

Each Omni controller supports various industry standard protocols with enhanced capabilities including routing between networks and protocols.

Additional protocol and communications interfaces are supported via Omni Expansion Bay Modules.

Each controller has a feature rich embedded webpage providing user level controlled access to the device system configuration including, real time monitoring and trending, graphing, diagnostics, alarm status, log extraction and scheduling functions.

The optional Human Machine Interface (HMI) can be ordered with the Omni BEMS Controller or used externally via various mediums. The HMI is customisable during the configuration process and can display relevant live information as well as providing access to system settings.

Easily accessible USB ports off er a fast localised configuration interface and access to logged data.

Omni controllers are fully programmable via the Innotech Focus graphical programming interface.


  • OMC40: 40 Programmable Points
  • OMC20: 20 Programmable Points
  • OMC14: 14 Programmable Points
  • OMC40D: 40 Programmable Points with Display
  • OMC20D: 20 Programmable Points with Display
  • OMC14D: 14 Programmable Points with Display

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  • 40, 20 or 14 Point (UI/O) models with the ability to use any point as an input or output, allowing greater flexibility
  • Expandable via Omni Remote Expansion Modules
  • UI/O update rates up to 500Hz (2ms)
  • Individual UI/O LEDs for status indication and fault diagnostics
  • Compatible with existing Innotech controller networks
  • Optional customisable HMI with click-wheel navigation
  • Colour coded pluggable terminals for easy identification
  • Ethernet, RS-485 and USB communications
  • Communication LEDs for all interfaces
  • Protocol routing/conversion capability
  • Battery backed Real Time Clock
  • Easily programmed with Innotech Focus soft ware
  • Feature rich multi-platform Web-server
  • Polarity independent AC or DC Power Supply
  • Dedicated Innotech Smart Sensor (ISS) communications
  • Expansion port for additional protocol/communications (selected models only)
  • User replaceable log data memory via MicroSD
  • Reporting of controller and programmable point self-diagnostics