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Software / General

Focus is the configuration tool for Innotech Omni BEMS Controllers. Focus allows you to internally configure an Omni BEMS Controller by using a simple point-and-click approach on a computer with supported Windows® operating systems.

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  • Over 65 block types to meet any programming needs
  • Supports multiple Omni devices per project file
  • Supports Omni U10 Remote Expansion Module (REM)
  • Add text objects to identify parts of your configuration
  • Comprehensive colour and options configuration
  • Supports use of labels to reduce direct line connections
  • Provides a graphical printout of your configuration in colour or monochrome
  • Automatically creates a printable Omni BEMS Controller & U10 REM wiring diagram from your configuration
  • Fully featured built-in Analog Input sensor configuration utility
  • Allows zooming and panning of your display
  • Supports iComm connections, Omni over TCP and BACnet
  • Uses disk caching to speed up transfer to and from the Omni BEMS Controllers
  • Includes a full set of Factory Default Templates for each available programmable Input/Output point types, or create your own to save or share with others
  • Features powerful configuration design tools such as Device Duplication, Find and Replace, Undo and Redo, Cut/Copy/Paste and adjustable Zoom levels
  • Comprehensive in-built help