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Omni U10 Universal Point Remote Expansion Module

Digital / Remote Expansion Modules

The Innotech Omni U10 (OMU10) Remote Expansion Module (REM) provides an additional 10 Programmable Points (UI/O) for the connected Omni controller.

The Omni U10 REM is housed in a DIN rail mounted Omni-style enclosure.

The Omni U10 REM is fully programmable via the Innotech Focus graphical configuration utility.

The Omni U10 REM may be located locally or remotely to the connected Omni controller. A dedicated communications bus connects all Omni U10 REMs.

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  • Provides 10 Universal Input/Outputs (UI/O) for Omni controllers
  • The ability to use any point as an input or output, allowing greater flexibility
  • UI/O update rates up to 500Hz (2ms)
  • Reporting of UI/O self-diagnostics
  • Individual UI/O LEDs for status indication and fault diagnostics
  • Elevated terminals for pain-free installation and service
  • Colour coded pluggable terminals for easy identification
  • Communication LEDs for all interfaces
  • Polarity independent AC or DC Power Supply
  • RS485 connection between Expansion Modules and Controllers
  • USB Mini-B for device configuration