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Project Profile

Extreme Weather Switchrooms

Industry: Data and Communications

Project Name: Switchrooms in Russia
Location: Sakhalin Island, Russia
Main Goal of Project:
  • Provide a robust, reliable and economical HVAC digital control solution for 5 large electrical switchrooms capable of operating at temperatures between -20°C and +40°C
  • The system could be serviced, maintained and monitored by the client, as the site is in an isolated location subject to some of the most extreme temperature conditions in the world

Main Requirements of Project

  • Digital controllers capable of operating in temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Summer & Winter temperature setpoints
  • Enthalpy controlled economy cycle
  • Room pressurisation control
  • Fault Rotation of AC Units
  • Monitoring of 90 fault conditions and providing remote fault annunciation
  • 100% control redundancy for the HVAC systems including sensors, transducers, etc
  • Provide controllers with Ethernet capability to connect to the site existing fibre optic network for remote monitoring and fault annunciation
  • The entire Installation was pre-commissioned and validated in Australia before the rooms were dismantled and shipped to Sakhalin, Russia


Controls Used: A wide range of applications are addressed using these controls:
Software Used: A variety of applications are catered to using the following software:
Heating: Each system uses staged electric heating.
Cooling: Each system uses a 2 stage DX (Direct expansion) package unit. Free cooling was provided via an enthalpy controlled economy cycle.
Data Logging: Room Temperature, Ambient Temperature & Humidity, Room Pressure, Fan Status, Accumulated Run Hours of Supply Fans & Compressors and 17 Faults per room were data logged providing 16 weeks worth of data available at any one time.


What unusual issues has this Project posed?
  • The fact that the standard Innotech Genesis II controller display would only operate at 0°C meant that we had to source a display that was capable of operating at -20°C and being stored at -25°C
  • Each Building was standalone and we were required to monitor fault conditions of each building simultaneously
How did we overcome them?
  • Innotech's Research & Development engineers were able to source a display that met the time, cost and functional requirements of the project. We were able to test this in our environmental test chamber for a period of weeks. We have created a new Genesis II WTD (GENIIELD WTD) (Wide Temperature Display)
  • Each Genesis II WTD (GENIIELD WTD) Controller was provided with an Ethernet converter. The IComm Data Server will permanently run on the site computer. This data server is used to transfer data and fault annunciation from each GEN2ELD WTD controller over the site’s Ethernet. The IComm Data server will run 10 separate connections simultaneously
Which controls/software were used to address each requirement?
Genesis II WTD:
  • All HVAC control functions
Facility Manager Explorer Software:
  • Fault Monitoring and Annunciation
Facility Manager Server Software:
  • Fault Monitoring and Annunciation