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GenII Viewport

Digital / Network Displays

The GenII Viewport is a network device that allows a user to externally access the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of a Genesis Series or Maxim Controller located on the network. Connected to the “GenII Net Comms”, the GenII Viewport can be used to search for controllers present on the network. A user may then use the GenII Viewport to log onto any one of the available controllers.

The GenII Viewport is designed for surface mounting and allows easy access to networked controllers that are located in remote or inaccessible areas.

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  • Access to up to 40 primary networked Genesis or Maxim Controllers
  • Access to up to 62 Sub Network devices per Sub System Gateway on Primary Network
  • 6400 data points assessible from single location
  • Back-Lit 4 line, 80 character Liquid Crystal Display
  • Isolated RS485 Communications
  • Various Setup Modes permanently saved even after power down
  • Network Display Mode
  • Network Searching Facilities
  • Button layout consistent with Genesis II Digital Controllers
  • Log On Button allows user to connect and disconnect from an individual Innotech Controller
  • Operated on 24 V AC or 24 V DC
  • All wire connections use removable terminals
  • A single point of access to any Genesis or Maxim Controller on the Net Comms Network
  • Mounted on panel doors to give easy access to a group of Controllers within the control panel
  • Wall mounted device
  • Used as a monitoring device
  • 57600 or 9600 baud comms rate