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Innotech Director Ben Miranda Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

2nd September 2014

Innotech Director Ben Miranda was nominated to take the ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge by Brett Yates from YATES Company, winners of the 2014 Innotech North American Dealer of the Year award. Ben accepted the challenge and made his donation to the MND and Me Foundation which was founded by his friend, the late Scott Sullivan.

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What is the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'?

The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS/MND is a social media campaign that was initiated by Pete Frates, a former Boston College captain who is living with motor neurone disease (MND) in the US. Since Peter Frates posted his challenge online, the Ice Bucket Challenge quickly went viral and is now spreading across Australia's MND, sporting and entertainment communities.

The Rules

  1. Fill a bucket (or larger container) with water and ice
  2. Tip it over your head
  3. Make donation to an ALS/MND charity and challenge three other people to take the Ice Bucket Challenge within 48 hours
  4. If nominees don't take the Ice Bucket Challenge within 48 hours they make a $100 donation to an ALS/MND charity.

What is ALS/MND?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) — also referred to as motor neurone disease (MND), Lou Gehrig's disease in the United States, and rarely Charcot disease — is a neurodegenerative disorder with various causes. ALS is characterised by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle wasting. This results in difficulty speaking, swallowing, and breathing. ALS is the most common of the five motor neuron disorders.

Average survival time from onset to death is 39 months, and only 4% survive longer than 10 years, although rare cases survive 50 years or more. Most die from respiratory failure, usually within three to five years from onset of symptoms. In the U.S., more than 5,600 are diagnosed every year, and up to 30,000 Americans are currently affected. ALS is responsible for 2 deaths per 100,000 people per year.


About the MND and Me Foundation:

The MND and Me Foundation Limited is a not for profit organisation that was formed to raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and its' impact in the community. We saw the desperate need to assist people living with MND and their families to maintain their independence and quality of life for as long as possible.

The Foundation intends to contribute financially toward research into finding a cure, but until one is found, our major objectives are to ensure those who have to live with this terrible disease and their families are supported by the Foundation both in financial and non-financial ways.


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