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What Do Kangaroos, Koalas and Innotech Have in Common?

They are all true blue Aussies!

Manufacturing in Australia means Innotech are supporting the Australian economy and keeping Aussies employed. We design and manufacture our products in-house, which enables us to develop products efficiently, and ensure product supply and support is on your doorstep. This adds value to your business and your clients.

Buy Local: Good For You, Good For Australia

We'd like to tell you about:

  • Buying Innotech means you are buying Australian
  • The benefits of buying an Australian product
  • All the amazing things we do here at Innotech

Making our products here in Australia was an easy decision for us. We care about quality control and embrace client feedback to guide product development. Having our circuit board assembly and plastic moulding happen 30 meters away, rather than 7000 kilometres away, suits these priorities.

Responding quickly and effectively to client and industry needs is a core focus that we achieve thanks to our in-house expertise and facilities. When you buy an Australian product like Innotech, you can have confidence in the quality and know that support is just a phone call away. You are also supporting Australian employment and the local economy.

We love visitors here at Innotech. We enjoy the look of wonder and disbelief on their faces when they take a tour around our headquarters and see the extent of our facilities. Whether it’s our 3D prototyping printer, our 220 ton moulding machine, our surface-mount assembly line, our conference room or lecture theatre, we are proud to invest in making sure we can surpass expectations when it comes to our in-house capabilities.

Started Australian, Still Australian

Innotech Control Systems Australia - Brisbane Headquarters

Innotech Control Systems Australia - Brisbane HQ

Innotech was established in 1984, and since this time has grown from a small family business run by Stephen and Virginia Miranda to a global success with approximately 100 staff across Innotech headquarters in Brisbane and our Sydney office.

While the company has grown, it is still owned by the Miranda family and now has other family members established as Directors and key decision makers, ensuring stability for our clients and staff for many years to come.

Throughout this growth, Innotech has always maintained its core values of excellent customer service and commitment to industry.

The Whole Family

Innotech Control Systems Australia is a division of the Mass Electronics Group.

The Mass Electronics Group consists of the following divisions:

  • Innotech Control Systems Australia
    • Sales, Engineering and Service of HVAC Controls and Building & Energy Management Systems
  • Innotech Pty Ltd
    • Research & Development
  • Mass Electronics Pty Ltd
    • Electronic Assembly, Tooling and Manufacturing

Mass Electronics Group is also the proud parent of another successful businesses:

  • KwikAz
    • Scaffolding Hardware Solutions

In addition to developing our own products, Mass Electronics Group also undertakes projects with external partners such as:

  • Agilitas
    • Manufacture of a wearable electronic device to assist those with Parkinson's Disease
  • Airlight
    • Manufacture of combined lighting/air-diffuser. (2009 AIRAH Award Winner)
  • Blendtec
    • Developed multi-voltage PCB for high end blenders

Product Development Start to Finish

Each division of the company has an important role within the business, and working together we are able to provide innovation and cost-effective solutions, directly suited to client requirements.

Having all of our divisions housed in the same facility means our product development process is very agile. This allows us to respond quickly to industry needs and iterate on product designs without the difficulty and cost that comes with overseas manufacturing.

Mass Electronics SMT line

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Line

Multiple company divisions are involved in bringing an Innotech product to market. This development process involves three stages:

  1. Innotech Controls
    conduct market analysis. Future products are identified and planned.
    Learn more
  2. Innotech Pty Ltd
    research, design and engineer the hardware, software, firmware and enclosures.
    Learn more
  3. Mass Electronics Pty Ltd
    assembles and manufactures the final product.
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Conducting the entire product development and manufacture process in-house, combined with the level of expertise in each company division, allows Innotech to have a very high level of design and quality control. These processes have also enabled Innotech to build a reputation of reliability, sustainability, innovation and usability.

Mass Electronics' 220 Ton Injection Moulding Machine

220 Ton Injection Moulding Machine

Meeting Clients Needs

With our in-house production processes, Innotech designs and manufactures a wide range of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) controls and Building & Energy Management Systems (BEMS). From our flexible Maxim and Genesis Direct Digital Controllers (DDCs) to our ATOM Energy Management software, our entire range is designed and manufactured right here in Brisbane.

In-house development and manufacturing benefits our clients through:

  • Open development
  • Smooth feedback channels
  • Fast supply chains
  • Lower shipping costs

Innotech prides itself on excellent customer service and integrating industry input and feedback into our product range. This open communication has allowed Innotech to build products to suit a wide range of applications such as:

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Cold-rooms and freezer rooms
  • Air-traffic control towers dehumidification controls
  • Hospital theatre temperature and humidity controls
  • Building & Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
  • Energy auditing, analysis, reporting and tuning
  • Solar power controls for domestic water heating
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Geothermal
  • Process Control

See our Solutions page for a full list of HVAC and Building Automation applications.

Add It All Up

Having this rigorous process, staff skills, quality control and in-house expertise allows Innotech and the Mass Electronics Group to meet the specific needs of industry quicker and more effectively than most multi-national imported brands.

Our core belief of listening to clients, and development based on those criteria, has proven success over multiple decades. National & International companies look to Innotech and the Mass Electronics Group to develop and manufacture their products and provide solutions to their needs.

We refuse to impose ongoing licensing fees and do not support non-negotiable service and maintenance contracts like many manufacturers. This ensures the Innotech solution is an up-front cost, has unparalleled life-cycle costs, saves the client money and ensures they have control over their own destiny. Why settle for less?

If you are interested in bringing your company or group to take a tour of the facility, the Innotech HQ is equipped with a conference room, lecture theatre and commercial kitchen. We are more than happy to showcase the facility and can certainly cater your event. If you are interested in a visit, please contact