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- Acquisition & Total Optimisation Management

Is Your Building Costing You Money?

Do you need a simple, intuitive interface to analyse your building performance and cost? ATOM ensures early detection of system inefficiencies, creates ongoing savings and helps reduce your total carbon footprint.

ATOM enables you to analyse historic data, generate reports and billing information while helping you to analyse and monitor the performance of your building and environmental impact.

Additionally client specific Dashboards can be created using ATOM technology. These are great for foyers in hotels and commercial businesses.

ATOM Home Page

Innotech ATOM Home page

The home page provides the total of the selected meter (typically a primary meter) giving a complete overview of the site or campus. At a glance you have available the actual kWh usage for the day, week, month and year for each building service.


Watch the Introduction to ATOM video or view the main ATOM product page to learn more.


  • Data Acquisition, Analysis and Reporting
  • A Billing utility using Crystal Reports for:
    • Electrical
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Thermal Energy
    • Hours Run (With Activity Statement)
  • Individual Carbon emissions and totalisation
  • Single or web-based multi-user license with no ongoing licensing fees
  • Real-time monitoring of performance
  • Historical Analysis, comparisons for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly
  • High Level Integration with BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus and other industry standard protocols
  • Save on installation costs by creating meters and adding or subtracting existing meters
  • Guarantee data integrity and email or SMS for critical services errors, database size or if user defined targets are exceeded
  • User-friendly interface to interrogate your building's performance

ATOM may be used in conjunction with an existing Building Management System (BMS), or incorporated within a complete Innotech BMS solution.

Implement ATOM as either a standalone or multiuser web based solution with support for up to 10 concurrent users via Innotech eServer.

The incorporation of complex SQL queries and real-time data allows ATOM to create a solution suitable for Clients, Consultants or Facility Managers.

The Innotech ATOM software is capable of communicating with the Building Services equipment with various protocols, such as:

Contact our Sales Team or view the main ATOM product page to learn more about ATOM.

ATOM Summary Page

Innotech ATOM Summary page

This report shows the historical information for the selected service. The usage values are coloured to provide the operator quick visual reference when values are under the targets, or have exceed the target.

ATOM Tenant Analysis & Target

Innotech ATOM Tenant Monthly Report

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly historical usage can be viewed for each tenant. An ambient temperature comparison may help indicate why there is a higher than usual electrical usage for that period as heaters or compressors may have been required to maintain conditions for the mechanical services. Overlaying the targets can also indicate where usage has been exceeded and from there you can interrogate the cause.

ATOM Comparison Analysis

Innotech ATOM Comparison Reports

Comparing the usage between tenants, or the same tenant at a different time is achieved via the Compare Reports Selection. Clicking the difference comparison button, provides a simple visual total for each tenant and the calculated difference for the period.

ATOM HLI Meter Analysis

Innotech ATOM HLI Meter Analysis

If a High Level Interface (HLI) via protocols such as BACnet is available for a particular smart meter, the HLI page allows quick reference and analysis of real-time and historic trends and data.

ATOM Trend Usage Graph

Innotech ATOM Trend Usage Graph

The Tenant usage data is displayed as shaded areas of consumption for each hour of the day, allowing the operator to quickly identify any anomalies that may require further investigation via the many features built into ATOM.

ATOM Billing Reports

Innotech ATOM Billing Reports

Tenant billing may be generated for the available services, such as Electrical, Water, Gas, Thermal Energy proportioning of Electrical usage and even Hours Run, complete with an Activity Statement.

ATOM Export Data to CSV

Innotech ATOM Export Data to CSV

You have the ability to export selected reports to a local formatted CSV file for further independent analysis or distributed to students for sustainability education.

Next Steps

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View the main ATOM product page to learn more about ATOM.