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2013 Innotech National & International Distributor Conference

Innotech recently held its biennial Distributor Conference at Head Office in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The main objective for the conference was to showcase Innotech R&D's current stage of development and gather feedback and direction from the Distributors. This feedback would ensure Innotech’s new products met future requirements, and addressed new and emerging market trends. Innotech is confident the outcome will be a true phenomenon, with real industry first technology.

Innotech founder Steve Miranda (front center) with the conference attendees.

Along with new product development, the conference allowed Innotech to listen to the needs of all Distributors (and their clients) on existing products. There were many decisions made during the sessions to enhance/improve existing hardware and software, which will provide benefits to all Innotech users globally.

Training Sessions

During the conference various training sessions were undertaken including:

  • Advanced SQL & Database Rectification
  • Programming, Integration and Commissioning
  • Sales Forum for Business Owners

All sessions were attended with much enthusiasm, and the attendees expressed great benefit from the training offered.

Staff Christmas Party/Distributor Dinner

As usual, Innotech hosted events, including a combined Innotech Staff Christmas Party/Distributor Dinner (with 115 attendees) at Mado Turkish restaurant, adjacent to Southbank Parklands. The evening was a fantastic light-hearted way to finish an intense final day of the 2013 Distributor Conference. Some of the amateur Innotech & Distributor belly dancers were very impressive!

Innotech QLD Sales Manager Ben Macdonald showing his belly dancing skills.


The final event for the week was Go-Karting, held at Kingston Park Raceway, where a combination of Distributors and Staff raced for glory. Although at times the rain was torrential and bodies were shivering, the competition amongst the 40 attendees was as fierce as the track was slippery.

  • 1st Adam Franklin (Innotech Service Manager)
  • 2nd Tom Johnson (Innotech R&D Industrial Designer)
  • 3rd Mike Taylor (Innotech Tasmania)

We won't mention the coveted "Mr Magoo" award at this stage.

Check out the helmet-cam action on YouTube.

There were some real surprise packets and the rain seemed to even the playing field, however this did not dampen the fastest lap posted by Duncan from Innotech R&D. The best result overall was that there were no injuries, even with some of the questionable passing techniques on display.

Go-Karting winners: Tom Johnson, Adam Franklin, Ian Bird and Mike Taylor

Wrap Up

Innotech would like to thank all attendees for taking the time to be involved, ensuring their markets were represented and had the opportunity for input. We are looking forward to our North American Dealer Conference in New York City, in January 2014, so all North American Dealers and various other international delegates can see the same presentations and contribute to the development of their future products.