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Maximise Efficiency By Integrating Your Building & Business Systems

A Powerful Building Automation Platform That Integrates Virtually Any Business System In A Single, Real-Time Interface

Innotech NeoView

Building Automation Software

  • Enhance sustainability and reduce building energy usage
  • Analytics that drive efficiency and cost-savings
  • Easy to implement and scalable as your business grows
  • Powerful visualisation & comprehensive reporting
  • Robust security & cyber protection
  • Access through any device in any location

Innotech NeoLink

Niagara & JACE-Compatible Head-End

  • Controller is the hardware platform optimised for Niagara 4
  • Maximises NeoView's advantages in delivering HTML5 views, charting and other aspects of data visualisation
  • Robust security and improved device management capabilities
  • Simple configuration, tool-less installation, low-cost integration

Why Choose Innotech NeoView?

Introducing Innotech NeoView


  • Discover opportunities to save energy & reduce your carbon footprint
  • Fault detection & diagnostics to assist to proactively identify issues
  • Improve Efficiencies By Integrating Systems Such As Lighting, Security, Booking Systems & More
  • Monitor & optimise occupant comfort levels
  • Identify equipment that is working beyond ideal parameters
  • Export energy data for sustainability ratings
  • Create actionable alerts that provide meaningful insights
  • Building & Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Control
  • Cool Room, Freezer Room & Refrigeration Control
  • Building Services Integration
  • Process Control Applications
  • Alarm Monitoring & Annunciation
  • Customise on any measurable parameter

Neoview Products

Innotech Neoview

NeoView is a powerful building automation platform that allows real-time data from your built-environment and business systems to be connected via a centralised, online, graphical interface. By integrating diverse systems or geographic locations NeoView can assist you to improve operational efficiency, while advanced analytics highlight opportunities to reduce energy usage, improve building performance, and achieve cost savings and profitability gains.

  • Create centralised interfaces to view & control any business system
    • NeoView seamlessly connects systems from different vendors or devices using diverse industry-standard communication protocols
    • Improve efficiencies by integrating systems such as lighting, security, booking systems & more
  • Enhance sustainability & reduce building energy usage
    • Identify opportunities to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint
    • Export energy data for sustainability ratings such as NABERS, LEEDS, Greenstar, etc
  • Drive efficiency & cost savings through advanced analytics
    • Draw together data from separate building and business systems
    • Detect inefficiencies and action improvements
    • Make smarter decisions through advanced automation, analytics and A.I
    • View trend data on almost any measurable parameter
  • Robust security & cyber-protection that utilises best-practice cyber-security standards
    • Security settings that can be customised to adhere to organisational security policies
    • Monitor activity & user accounts from a centralised cyber-security dashboard

NeoView can be accessed on any device, in any location including computers, tablets and other mobile devices.

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This “next-generation” controller is a dramatic evolution in connecting and controlling devices worldwide, featuring a new global design that functions with legacy systems and has the ability to scale for future needs. NeoLink is powered by the Niagara framework and leverages the new features of Niagara 4.

  • NeoLink adds to the enhanced user experience, maximizing Niagara 4’s key advantages:
    • A pure Web interface based on HTML5 with HTML5 views, charting and data visualisation
    • A common design language
    • Better reporting
    • Robust security and improved device management
  • Modular design of the NeoLink controller makes it easy to install
  • Standard Wi-Fi offers enhanced wireless capability when interfacing with the next generation of wireless sensors and devices.
  • Expandable with up to four option modules
  • Intuitive user interface
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Innotech NeoLink

Use Innotech NeoView to improve operational efficiency, energy savings and profitability gains.

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