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Miscellaneous Software

Innotech offer a variety of miscellaneous software from communication servers to automatic billing software.


iComm is a communications server used by application software to communicate with Innotech digital controllers.

Simulator Manager

Simulator Manager is a Windows-based software program that allows you to easily and quick create a heterogeneous network of Genesis II or MAXIM series simulators.


EasyBill is an automatic charging utility program for use with Innotech’s digital control devices, the Genesis II and the MAXIM series.


Alert is a utility that reports on alarms generated by Genesis II and Maxim Digital Controllers.


Innotech AutoStart is an automatic program launching utility specifically designed for use with GenIIXtract and MAXTract software.

Service Software

iUpgrade Software


The iUpgrade Firmware Library contains the most recent version of Firmware for supported Innotech Devices, and supported older versions where applicable. This Firmware Library resides on your PC, and updates to the library can be downloaded safely from Innotech.

NetScan Software


Innotech NetScan is a network scanning utility designed to help with commissioning & trouble-shooting of a Genesis or Maxim network. It displays real-time information about data on the Global Points network. Current and previous point values are displayed along with the point name and corresponding controller address. History data can be automatically logged to a text file for later viewing.

SoftPort Software


Innotech Softport allows a user to access the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of a Genesis or Maxim device from a PC connected to the controller network. It can be used to search for controllers present on the network, then log onto any one of the available devices.

EtherMate Software


Innotech EtherMate is a specialised configuration tool for Ethernet enabled Innotech devices. It provides the functionality to set the RS485 baud rate, serial format and TCP/IP settings. Although the device is setup using the Ethernet interface it is possible to configure using the serial port from Terminal function.