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Controlling Your Building Has Never Been Easier

Use Magellan BEMS software to monitor, analyse and manage your buildings from anywhere in the world.

Innotech Magellan

Client Access Applications

  • Cross-platform support, computers and tablets
  • Monitor and adjust values
  • Centralised Scheduling of equipment run-times
  • Real-time and historic data analysis
  • Whole of facility management

Magellan Server

Hosts & Serves BEMS Graphics

  • Delivers custom BEMS projects to clients
  • Connects BEMS hardware, Building Services and SQL databases
  • Multi-user with no subscription fees
  • Scalable for any size project

Why Choose Innotech Magellan?

  • Web-based client-interface
  • HVAC, BEMS, Process Control, Building Services, NABERS reporting
  • Visualises energy efficiencies and highlights anomalies
Lifetime Savings
  • No ongoing licensing fees
  • Client ownership, no subscriptions
  • Reduced annual Operation Expense (OpEx)
Flexible, Custom Design
  • Comprehensive, yet extremely simple to design and use
  • Custom floorplans, schematics and Dashboards
Self-Diagnostics & Analytics
  • Instantaneous, real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Maximise data integrity by active reporting
Secure, Virtualisation of Software
  • Software based activation
  • No dongles/hardware keys
Local or Remote Web-Access
  • Cross-platform support using Apps
  • No add-ons or plug-ins required
Multi-OS Compatibility

Application support for:

  • Windows computers and devices
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices **
Secure Connect & Authentication
  • Magellan Server security for initial connection
  • Project level 'Access Control' to define user adjustments
Audit Trail Logging
  • Identify who did what and when
  • Includes all users and every page/button press
ATOM for Building Services
  • Metering, reporting, analysis and billing
  • An extension of your Magellan BEMS
  • Affordable setup and ongoing cost savings
Integrated Building Services & FM
  • A holistic approach to Facility Management
  • Monitor, analyse and integrate all your Building Services
Affordable license model
  • A one-off purchase for only what you need
  • Scalable to any size project
  • Increase capacity and access as required
Integration made easy
  • Integrate with compatible BEMS hardware
  • Supports BACnet, Modbus and other protocols
Expansion & Upgrade Affordability
  • Simple implementation makes expansion affordable
  • No additional costs for Magellan updates
Animated Images & Customisation
  • Extensive 3D graphic libraries plus customisation
  • Support multiple image formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP etc)
  • * Innotech Magellan and Magellan Server only
  • ** Available on future releasesd

Introducing Innotech Magellan

Introducing ATOM


  • Building & Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Control
  • Cool Room, Freezer Room & Refrigeration Control
  • Building Services Integration
  • Analysis, Reporting & Billing Applications
  • Metering (Electrical/Energy, Water, Gas, Oil, Thermal Energy)
  • NABERS Reporting
  • Process Control Applications
  • Alarm Monitoring & Annunciation
  • Monitors and analyses building performance

Magellan Products

Innotech Magellan

Innotech Magellan is a comprehensive client software application used to analyse, monitor and control HVAC equipment & Building Services for commercial buildings, retail shopping centres, healthcare (Hospitals/Aged Care facilities etc), education institutes and various other market sectors.

Innotech Magellan provides easy to use visual representation of live and historic data in various graphs and analytics, trend logs and custom reports.

Project specific building layouts provide simple navigation and intuitive data generation to highlight building performance or multi-site comparisons of energy efficiency.

Built in security and access control provide specific users with the ability to monitor and control defined equipment parameters, with a complete Audit log to track any modifications.

Innotech Magellan is supported across multiple platforms and is suitable for use on computers, tablets and other portable devices.

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Magellan Server is a software based program that serves custom client projects/dashboards to each securely connected Innotech Magellan Client Application located anywhere in the world.

Magellan Server delivers the live BEMS controller data, 3rd party integrated equipment and historic SQL data to Innotech Magellan clients, providing live monitoring, user adjustments, analysis, reporting, alarming and comprehensive review of historic data.

Magellan Server provides both local and remote access and fits securely within a client's existing infrastructure, integrating all field hardware such as a Fans, Chillers, Air-Conditioning Units, Air-Handling Units, Meters, Lighting (and more), providing a client with a 'One-Stop Shop' for whole of facility management.

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Magellan Server

Magellan Builder

Magellan Builder allows an engineer to create custom projects including floorplans, schematics and animated 3-D graphical displays and dashboards, including real-time and historic data from BEMS controllers and 3rd party Building Services such as electrical, lighting, metering, hydraulics, security, access control, vertical transport and more.

Magellan Builder provides simple, intuitive engineering techniques to effortlessly design and simulate (pre-commission) the interface, creating savings from engineering right through to implementation.

Run-time objects and designs can be imported and exported from one project to another to reduce engineering costs and provide uniformity across a whole client portfolio of buildings.

Smart engineering processes such as graphical templates provide fast, cost-effective additions for typical equipment such as Chillers, AHU's, VAV's, Electrical Meters etc.

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  • Multi-user web-based applications
  • Dongle-free, a requirement for many government projects
  • Points based purchase ensures affordability
  • Client owned and subscription free (No annual licensing fees)
  • 3D animated graphics, thermal indicative floorplans and custom Dashboards
  • Secure local and remote access
  • Multi-level access control
  • Support for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and various other compatible devices
  • Event driven processing strategy for fast, efficient viewing of real-time and historic data
  • Centralised user adjustability for system variables such as Access Control, Setpoints, Timers and Calendars
  • Simple click reports for hourly, daily, monthly and yearly usage for review and compare
  • Reporting for after hour usage, plant run-times, energy
  • Compatible with Innotech ATOM energy reporting, analysis and billing software
  • Custom Reports for Billing, equipment run-times, resource usage and alarms
  • Audit trail with backup redundancy, indicating log in times and what interaction each user had with the BEMS
  • Seamless integration with all Innotech and other manufacturers BACnet controllers and equipment
  • Automated Reports indicating excessive resource usage, target monitoring and overall performance of all connected equipment and services
  • Metering and Tenant Billing for Building Services, such as Electrical, Water, Gas, Oil and Thermal Energy apportioning of electrical costs
  • Provision of NABERS Energy Data
  • Analytic usage reports provide simplistic visualisation of complex data
  • Benchmarking of costs and environmental impact across multiple sites
  • Alarms and reporting via secure email and/or SMS
  • Access to Magellan Builder engineering/graphic building software
  • Smart engineering processes provides cost-effective, client focused BEMS solutions

Use Innotech Magellan to monitor and control your buildings

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