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Magellan Server

Software / General

This product has been superseded.

Replacement Product: Innotech NeoView

Magellan Server allows remotely connected Innotech Magellan users to display a loaded Magellan Builder project.

Magellan Server hosts the project for remote access and allows remote clients to display frames of a Magellan project through a network or internet connection without needing a local copy of the project.

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  • A copy of the Magellan project file (.mag) needs to be stored and maintained on the server
  • All audit logging is carried out on the server PC giving a centralised audit trail repository
  • Updates to the master project file are automatically recognised by the clients next time they connect to Magellan Server
  • The Magellan Server software licence provides support for concurrent connections over a network or internet connection
  • Efficient interaction between client and server ensures only the required components of the Magellan project are transferred to the client
  • Client-side caching ensures that graphical images are only transferred if they have not previously been accessed by the client
  • Integrated support for Crystal Reports
  • Relational database support for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 R2 Express Edition, Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 Express Edition.
  • Display Historic Trend information via Innotech® Chronicle Server, with support for up to 100 SQL Server database connections in a project (not-concurrent)
  • Can be configured to use SSL Certificates and https