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MiniMAX Simulator

Software / Maxim

This product has been discontinued.

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MiniMAX Simulator is a Windows® based software program that simulates an Innotech MiniMAX Controller.

The Virtual MiniMAX can be powered on, configured and interrogated in the same way as a physical MiniMAX. Configurations can be downloaded and checked without requiring any hardware installation. MiniMAX Simulator can be used in conjunction with any product from the Maxim software range.

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  • Maxim front panel simulation of MiniMAX device. Giving visual representation of internal HMI with all interrogation capabilities.
  • Simulation of MiniMAX processing as a controller:
    • (MM01) on a Primary Innotech Network.
    • (MM02) on a Sub System Network managed by a Sub System Gateway simulator.
  • I/O monitoring and control.
  • Transparent support for all Innotech Maxim software packages.
  • Easy to use interface - no special training required.