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Utilities Software Bundle

Software / General

The Innotech Utilities Software bundle contains a range of helpful support programs which work with a wide range of Innotech controls.

The Utilities Software bundle consists of :

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  • EasyBill is an automatic charging utility program for use with Innotech’s digital control devices, the Genesis II and the MAXIM series.
  • A support utility used for configuring a modem to allow remote access of various Innotech devices.
  • Innotech AutoStart is an automatic program launching utility specifically designed for use with GenIIXtract and MAXTract software.
  • Alert is a utility that reports on alarms generated by Genesis II and Maxim Digital Controllers.
  • A support utility which allows users to control the display name of USB converters.
  • Innotech EtherMate is a specialised configuration tool for Ethernet enabled Innotech devices. It provides the functionality to set the RS485 baud rate, serial format and TCP/IP settings.
  • Innotech NetScan is a network scanning utility designed to help with commissioning & trouble-shooting of a Genesis or Maxim network. It displays real-time information about data on the Global Points network.
  • Innotech Softport allows a user to access the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of a Genesis or Maxim device from a PC connected to the controller network.