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Software / General

Fusion is the configuration and mapping utility for programming the Innotech BACnet Gateway.

Fusion is a Windows® based program providing a user friendly interface for the simple creation of complex mappings between Innotech Points and BACnet Devices and Objects.

Fusion can be used to configure the Innotech BACnet Gateway, which acts as a bridge between the Innotech and BACnet networks.

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  • Simple drag and drop approach to creating mappings between Innotech Points and BACnet Objects
  • Visual representation of BACnet Gateway mappings
  • Import Innotech Points directly from a Genesis, Maxim or Fusion project file, or directly from an Innotech network through iComm
  • Import BACnet Objects directly from a Fusion project file, or from a BACnet network through iComm
  • Supports BACnet addresses 0 to 4,194,302