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ICS01 Control Station

Digital / Network Displays

ICS01 ON/OFF, Set Point
ICS02 ON/OFF, Set Point and 3 Speed Fan

The ICS series Control Stations form part of the Maxim & Genesis Direct Digital Controller range and provide a simple unitary Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI offers on/off, setpoint and fan speed control. The HMI is powered by 24 V AC and connects directly to the Globals Comms network.

Each ICS can communicate with a designated controller on the network. The ICS units are configured via the Keypad, are compatible with most existing Innotech digital products and are capable of operating at both fast or slow comms.

The interface to the controller is via global Transmit and receive blocks, the configuration simply uses the ICS address to form part of the unique point name.

(Larger image)
  • One numerical value input
  • One numerical value output
  • One momentary push button digital input
  • One LED indication digital output
  • One fan speed input (ICS02 only)
  • Housed in a switchplate that mounts in standard electrical wall plates
  • Isolated RS485 interconnection between Innotech Controllers
  • Adjustable user input range
  • Adjustable decimal place
  • Configurable power on settings