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Meet the innSIGHT Supervisor Web Server

innSIGHT Supervisor Web Server

The Innotech innSIGHT IWS01 Supervisor Web Server is a digital controller that allows easy access to user selected information from controllers connected to the Innotech Net Comms network through the embedded web server.

innSIGHT is compatible with Innotech Maxim and Genesis controllers from 2001 onwards.

This exceptional support for older devices allows you to budget your upgrade process, instead of waiting to retrofit an entire system at once. So, remove your old computer and software and use innSIGHT to enhance your existing network to the latest in web-server capabilities.

Contact your local Innotech dealer to find out how.

With the simple and easy to use web interface of innSIGHT, personnel without a technical background can easily monitor and control their BMS (Building Management System) from any location that has access to innSIGHT.

innSIGHT is a Supervisor Web Server that allows quick and easy access to view and modify variables and schedules from all Maxim and Genesis series controllers that are connected to your Innotech RS485 network. innSIGHT uses Microsoft Silverlight® technology in an embedded web server, allowing 5 concurrent connections via your standard Internet Explorer® version 8 (or above) web browser on your local computer.

Key Product Features

  • Support of up to 128 Innotech devices
  • Adjustable time-schedules and variables on all Innotech devices
  • User Access Levels and adjustable passwords
  • On-line Help
  • Auto detection and population of device data (Plug & Play)
  • Embedded Web Server using Microsoft Silverlight® technology (5 users)
  • Visual indication of all devices, and whether they are equipped with Alarm monitoring or time-schedules
  • Alarm indication with activation & reset times
  • Email notification of active alarms
  • Real-time trend monitoring
  • Log data extraction & graphing, with export to CSV capability
  • Printing of trending and log data
  • Increased performance and data capability
  • Enhanced controller support (V4.20 Maxim and Genesis Controllers and later)
  • Increased connection monitoring:
    • Indication of the main computer connected to the Innotech network
    • Indication of which clients are connected to the web-server

Introduction to the innSIGHT Supervisor Web Server

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By Innotech Training Team  |  10 minutes  |  5th May 2012

Contact our Sales Team or view the main innSIGHT product page to learn more about this product.


innSIGHT Device View

innSIGHT Device View

innSIGHT Device Data

innSIGHT Device Data Page

innSIGHT Alarm Monitoring - New Feature!

innSIGHT Alarm Monitoring Page

innSIGHT incorporates visual indication of alarms on all devices, including activation and reset times, with notifications via email.

innSIGHT Graphing Utility - New Feature!

innSIGHT Graphing Utility Page

Real-time trending allows tuning of the system, whilst the log data extraction and graphing utility allow a user to view historic data directly through the innSIGHT web-browser.

Contact our Sales Team or view the main innSIGHT product page to learn more about this product.

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