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A Poem about Omni

2nd September 2015

Author: Virginia Miranda, Innotech Director and Author

Omni by Innotech

The latest and greatest controller to come out of Innotech Research and Development

Development of the Omni product by Innotech has been a long and challenging process.

I quietly watched the entire team, Administration, Research & Development, IT and Sales collaborate to discover new and emerging technologies. These newly discovered innovations will transform Omni and BEMS controllers.

The ability of the Innotech Team to overcome the challenges proves without a doubt the quality of our people. Because of the Team, Omni will be a platform to continue to build our global recognition.

An exciting time ahead for us and all our partners.

During some quiet retrospection the poem below developed.

mniscient by deliberate intention – having infinite knowledge

eritorious contribution to the HVAC-BEMS industry worldwide

ew, providing limitless configurations with significant upgrade in speed

ntelligent, inspiring and innovative, Omni delivers a heuristic solution for all Innotech people taking us on a mission of discovery into new worlds.

Omni by Innotech

Learn more about Omni by Innotech, our new BMS controls platform.

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