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Innotech Europe Ltd Announcement

We are proud to announce Innotech Europe Ltd as our new Master Distibutor for the European region

20th April 2015

Author: Thomas McIlhatton, Innotech Distributor Manager

Ben Miranda (Innotech Controls Director) and Kevin Taylor (Innotech Europe)

Innotech Director Ben Miranda with Innotech Europe Director Kevin Taylor.

Innotech Control Systems Australia is a 30 year Australian manufacturer of HVAC Controls and Building and Energy Management Systems (BEMS). With a national network of Distributors who continue to break new ground throughout Australia and a fantastic team of International Distributors, the future of Innotech is certainly bright.

Since 2004, Innotech have focussed strongly on growing the Innotech brand within the Americas as we recognised there was an exceptional potential for growth. During this time, with a key Master Distributor in place (Innotech Americas – Scott and Carrie Gregson) the Innotech group has grown to 30 Dealers, displaying annually at AHR, and hosting bi-annual Dealer and Training Conferences. Innotech continue to grow from strength to strength in the Americas and the strategies implemented have proven extremely successful. (A lot to do with sourcing the right partners and listening to their needs)

Innotech has also been active in the European market for over 15 years, with the majority of our presence concentrated within the UK and Ireland. Innotech are now ready to embark on a new strategy to grow into all countries of the EU. We have strengthened our Distribution team at Innotech HQ to ensure we continue to support and grow all regions (national and International), but we know we are definitely ready for this push into Europe.

On a recent trip to Germany, England, Wales and Ireland with Ben Miranda (Innotech Director), myself (Thomas McIlhatton – Innotech Distributor Manager) and Kevin Taylor (Innotech UK Director), we visited with existing and prospective clients to review where we are heading with the Innotech business in Europe, including a preview of the new Omni platform due for release in 2015. The feedback and general excitement about Innotech’s strategy (and competitive edge that Omni will provide) has given us confidence that what we will unleash into the market will definitely benefit our partners in Europe and provide a great platform for growth.

It is with much pleasure that I can announce that we have appointed Kevin Taylor of Innotech UK to be the Master Distributor for Europe. (His company is now Innotech Europe Ltd) Kevin Taylor has proven himself over many years and his exceptional customer service and willingness to help anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time, made this decision fairly obvious. We have no doubt that we will have much work to do, however we are excited at the next phase of business in Europe and are confident that the combined efforts and expertise from Innotech HQ, Innotech Europe, and our EU partners will make Innotech the dominant brand for the region.

There are currently opportunities for key Distribution partners and System Integrators in all countries of the EU. This is an opportunity for companies to become part of a 30 year organisation that focusses on client satisfaction, open development, and gaining a competitive edge, not by making the cheapest products on the market, but by creating BEMS hardware and software with exceptional innovation to gain a competitive edge for them and their clients.

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