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BMS Control Systems Training at Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy in South Africa

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy (ACRA) is a fully merSETA accredited trade test centre offering learner ships, apprenticeships and adult training. Our Academy in Kempton Park South Africa comes with a large fully equipped 1,200m2 work shop where we provide a range of training including;

  • Air Conditioning Training
  • Refrigeration Training
  • Ventilation Training
  • Apprenticeships/Learnerships
  • Trade Testing
  • Scaffolding
  • First Aid
  • Fire Fighting
  • Electrical

ACRA has in addition an established network of clients who allow us full access to fully operational air conditioning and refrigeration plants (many of large capacity) and therefore are the only training provider with access to all types of operational Air Conditioning systems in South Africa. This is an invaluable tool in the practical training of learners, ensures quality training, and enables us to conduct valid assessments.

The Academy has the resources to train all aspects of the air conditioning and refrigeration fields up to technician level. The scope includes adult training, skills programmes, training of apprentices/learnerships, artisans and technicians. Any student attending a course is given in depth theoretical knowledge and the practical skills in order to achieve competency in the workplace.

Given the nature of the training all courses have a full practical element. The aim of all the training is such that on completion of any particular course the student will be capable to do the job as required. The industries professional institute and controlling bodies have been consulted in order to achieve consistently high standards.

In addition we conduct the national qualifying trade test on our premises.

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

This course would suit individuals that are looking to gain a fundamental understanding of control processes and application of Direct Digital Control (DDC) in the HVAC sector, or people seeking to enter the field of Building Management System (BMS) controls, servicing and engineering.

Sample Course Outline

Control Basics

  • Have a basic understanding of the control process
  • Describe what a sensor is and its use
  • Understand where sensors should be located
  • Describe how a controller works
  • Describe what a controlled device is and how it can be used

Introduction to Direct Digital Control (DDC)

  • Describe what a DDC is and have a basic understanding of the functions these devices can perform
  • Describe common terminologies used by a DDC
  • Understand the fundamentals of how PID Loops function
  • Describe some basic programming blocks used in a DDC configuration

DDC Networking Basics

  • Have an understanding of why we network DDC's
  • Understand how DDC's communicate and share information

DDC programming Basics

  • Describe a DDC program
  • Understand the basics of configuration logic
  • Understand how a program functions

Enrolment Enquiry for HVAC and BMS Controls Course at ACRA

To register your interest with ACRA or to find out more information on how to enrol in this course, please complete the form below to send an email to ACRA.



Anria Pieterse - Course Coordinator

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy (ACRA)

203 Element Road, Chloorkop, Kempton Park, South Africa

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